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About Catherine Grace-Walsh - as featured in “Time Out” magazine, May 2003: 


Catherine has facilitated groups since 1992. Including delivering Transformative Kinesiology workshops for "Alternatives" of St James's, Piccadilly, London in July 2001 and April 2002 and leading 'Community Healing' monthly meditations for "Alternatives" for a year.


She trained in Transformative Kinesiology with Joy Ballas-Beeson, in November 1992 and March 1995.  


Catherine trained in 'E-Lybra 9' Bio-resonance energy balancing with the founder and original developer, Victor Sims, World Development Systems, Worcs, UK in 2008, and took Advanced Practitioner Training in 2010.

Qualified Teacher of Angel and Ascension Workshops with the Diana Cooper School, Jan - Sept 2002.

Usui Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with Reiki Master Brenda Koger, July 1999; Third Degree Reiki, Nov 1999.


She has taken counselling skills and theory training - Certificate in Counselling Theory, Oct 1997; Certificate in Counselling Skills, Oct 1998. 


Catherine trained in Metamorphic Technique with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of The Metamorphic Association, July 1995.


She has also trained with Gill Edwards (Living Magically) beginning in 1992; "Living Magically" Aug 1998, "Truly, Madly, Divinely" Oct 1998 and "Trainers" workshop May 2000.

With Denise Linn, Catherine trained in "Past Life Regression" July 1991, "Four Directions Healing" June 1992 and "Linn Trans-Cadence Massage" Oct 1992. 


Catherine's dance training began at a very early age and continued later in life, including Five Rhythms dance workshops led by Gabrielle Roth in 1992 and 1993.


Spiritual Healing training at The Findhorn Foundation, Scotland Jan - Feb 1990.


Bach Flower Remedies training with Beulah Garcin (recommended by The Dr E. Bach Centre, Wallingford, Oxon), April 1986.


For further information or to make an appointment, contact:

Catherine Grace-Walsh, Holistic Therapist, "Harmony For Health"

Tel: 01923 240 982 (Watford, Herts), Mobile: 07939 365 275    

Email: catherine@harmonyforhealth.co.uk

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