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SPECIAL OFFER: CORE BELIEF BALANCE - 2 hour session, cost £85 (discounted 1st session), see below
INNER CHILD BALANCE - 2.5 hour session £95 (discounted fee), see below


Benefits of Trans-K (Transformative Kinesiology)

Our thoughts and feelings, including the subconscious ones, are a major influence in creating the reality of our lives.  What we expect, desire, fear and the way we habitually respond really do have an effect.  What if we could change our negative (unhelpful) core beliefs, thoughts and emotions - even those buried at a subconscious level – and reprogramme them for positive outcomes, for supporting and creating the life we really do want to live?  With the technique of Trans-K we can.

What is Trans-K?

The technique of Transformative Kinesiology, Trans-K for short, uses a physical muscle-test of a person's arm to access their core beliefs and unconscious feelings.  Then easy processes from a selection of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Whole-Brain exercises, visualisation and affirmations etc. bring body, mind and spirit into alignment with the person's current goals and intentions, and release negative blocks formed from childhood and life experiences. 

Transformative Kinesiology shares some principles with the successful and well-known Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) because it helps a person reframe their current situation.  However, Trans-K is able to help in a very thorough and comprehensive way because it clears at an energy-level, previous negative programming and strengthens new positive beliefs in an integrated, whole-brain way. 

A Trans-K Balance creates a positive and balanced orientation between both sides of the brain (the left/analytical and right/artistic) towards a chosen statement or goal.  This balancing and reprogramming also occurs between all levels of the physical body, the emotions and the mind (including the subconscious mind) - so that a person's whole being is "switched on" for working towards and obtaining a particular goal or healing an issue in a holistic way.    

What can be Balanced/Reprogrammed with Trans-K?

Any area or issue that a person wants to heal or improve.  Transformative Kinesiology can be used both to release thoughts, feelings, behaviours that are no longer required, and to create integrated orientation towards a new outcome that is wanted. 


Core Belief Balance

An excellent place to start with Trans-K is the Core Belief Balance which checks a person's 13 fundamental beliefs such as "I love myself" and "I am in charge of my own life", and 12 energy sites on the body which are linked to key aspects such as "Self-Worth" and "Inner Direction", and positively balances them where necessary. 

Inner Child Balance
A good follow-on from this is the Inner Child Balance, which is a deeply powerful and transformational healing session.  With this Balance a person is able to release hurt, trauma and negativity experienced between birth and young adulthood, even releasing the negative energy from those events that have been buried deep within the subconscious mind or the body's own energetic imprinting.  Clients' comments after this session are often that the experience has been "amazing". 


Specific Issues / Challenges
The two balances described above make a very strong foundation for further Trans-K healing and for working on any specific issues or areas of a person's choice. These areas can be any issue that a person would like to focus on and become stronger in, such as: Confidence, Anxiety, Personal Power, Self Image, Prosperity, Relationships, Health/Body, Loss/Grief, Spirituality, Creativity.      

It is important to remember that balancing with Trans-K creates potential; the individual creates results.  The Trans-K balance will release any subconscious resistance the person may have to achieving the goal, so that the effort they put towards it will produce maximum results. 

A Client's Story

Anita (not her real name) - a published writer and TV playwright aged 38 years - when asked by me, stated at our first session that the areas she wanted to work on using Trans-K were: relationships, belief in her own creativity and financial reward and success from that creativity, feeling physically secure and issues of safety in her own home and outdoors (related to past actual experiences) and improved finances.  

Over a period of 12 weeks we had 4 sessions together, about 8 hours in total.  These 4 appointments were made up of Core Belief and Inner Child Balances and a session each on Relationships and "Receiving recognition, reward, money and appreciation".  At our fourth session she was able to report a big improvement generally and that she was being very creative, "It's all moving quite well.  I feel good at the moment".  Should the occasion arise, this client can return for a 'top-up' session, but at the present time there is no need, she is comfortable and secure with her work, her life and herself.  

What is Kinesiology?

The word "kinesiology" means the study of the movement of the body, in particular the basic muscle arm-test, and the application of that study - especially as it relates to imbalances at the physical, emotional, thinking and spiritual levels of being.  Applied Kinesiology arose in the 1970s, then Educational Kinesiology in the 1980s. Since that time, the therapeutic use of kinesiology has evolved and developed into many forms, ranging from allergy-testing to a holistic therapy for healing past trauma and negative experiences and consciously-creating improved life results.

SPECIAL OFFER: CORE BELIEF BALANCE - 2 hour session £85 (discounted 1st session)

INNER CHILD BALANCE - 2.5 hour session £95 (discounted fee)
Hourly rate for working on specific issues/challenges, following on from Core Belief Balance: £60 per hour


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