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"In over 150 hours of counselling, I have not worked so deeply and so intensely in such a short space of time."

I J, Shropshire, counselling trainer and supervisor - feedback after 2 sessions of Trans-K: 'Core Belief Balance' and 'Inner Child Balance'.


“I feel great now. It is like something inside me is cleaning out all the nicotine…You are helping me a lot to stabilise…Thank you for the session, it was very useful. Energetic Intervention [advanced E-Lybra Bio-Resonance program] is cleansing my body – it’s interesting to see that cleansing process, it’s like a new state…full of energy.” D H, Hertfordshire – feedback during E-Lybra Bio-Resonance treatment programme for Smoking Cessation and general wellbeing.


" I am feeling really well at the moment and lots of it is due to the work we've done together! I'm thinking of you often as my angel, so thank you again for everything."     B D, London & Germany - feedback after Transformative Kinesiology 'Core Belief Balance', 'Inner Child Balance' and other Trans-K sessions on specific issues. 


“I had a migraine but now [after 15 minutes ‘first-aid’ treatment] it’s gone. Thank you!” N S, London – feedback after Reiki healing micro-treatment.


“You were able to take me past a place that I have been to several times before but I’ve never been able to get past the blockage before. This time, with you, I was able to get through it and release it.” C C, Findhorn, Scotland – feedback after spiritual healing and guided visualisation.


“You had no idea that I’d had back pain for two days. But, without knowing any of that, you just touched my back – and now the pain is gone.” A F – Findhorn, Scotland - feedback during Spiritual Healing training course, Findhorn.


“I want to thank you again for such an inspiring workshop…You are a star!” S C, London – feedback after Five Rhythms movement workshop participation, 1999.


Feedback from Full-time Diploma in Counselling course students at Central School for Counselling Training, Central London to ‘Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms module, facilitated by Catherine Grace-Walsh, Autumn term 2000:


“A very enjoyable experience. Shame that it has already ended. Catherine has been wonderful to work with. Could we have her back please!” E S


“I really enjoyed our Wednesday movement classes…[they] introduced an inspirational concept to energy and movement.” B R


“Thank you to Catherine who presented the group well and was sensitive and caring.”  W F


“Emotionally I found this difficult, however I would not have missed this experience for the world. ‘How could this be improved?’ – Longer Course!” A C

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