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Metamorphic Technique – a gentle but powerful tool for change

Metamorphic Technique is a simple but powerful tool for a person to create change in their life if they are feeling 'stuck' in any area, or to flow more easily with change that is already happening. The technique involves light touch to the spinal reflex areas of the feet, hands and head. These areas reflect a time-line from pre-conception to birth. Blockages can occur to the sensitive spinal energy for many different reasons - due to the varying quality of nourishment supplied to the foetus, or the mother may have experienced an emotional shock during pregnancy, for example.

Working gently on these areas stimulates them and clears blocks - allowing a person's energy to flow more freely - guided by their innate life-force, the person is drawn to making appropriate changes, this is true even when the next step needed is not consciously known.

The attitude of the person giving the Metamorphic Technique (the practitioner) is compassionate detachment, remaining out of the way of the recipient's inborn intelligence that will make new choices. The changes may be the selection of an improved diet, or seeking new work, or behaving differently in a specific situation, or whatever is needed.

The following is an extract from "The Metamorphic Technique" by Gaston Saint-Pierre and Debbie Shapiro (Element Books, 1991), "Our feet hold one of the keys to the healing and energising forces within us. We allow our fingers to work on the feet, to go where they will.  We acknowledge the higher wisdom of the life force to bring about the changes we need. All we do is loosen a time structure."

Metamorphic Technique goes together very well with other healing therapies, for example, alternating with Bio-Resonance balancing sessions or sessions of Transformative Kinesiology.

A session lasts for an hour & a quarter, is pleasant to receive and during it many people experience deep relaxation.

Catherine trained in Metamorphic Technique with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic Association, in July 1995.

Fee: £60 per session

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